Value Added Services - CMA CGM+ for APL

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CMA CGM+ for APL is designed to meet your highest expectations, whether your goal is to protect your cargo or expand your business.

CARE - Protect your business

Explore our solutions specially designed to guarantee, protect and secure your cargo, even for your most fragile commodities.


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SERENITY cargo value guarantee

A whole new approach to handle claims in case of damage to your cargo. Your coverage ensures you will be compensated regardless of circumstances or party of liability.

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SERENITY container guarantee

Minimize the impact on your business in the event that our containers are accidentally damaged in your custody.


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BARLOCK security device

Protect against theft with this simple and effective security solution.


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REEFLEX liquid ready

The most economical and efficient solution for the transportation of liquids in 20' and 40' refrigerated containers.

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PHARMA reefer division

A stringent process to maintain the integrity of pharmaceutical products during shipping, in line with the Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

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CONTAINER garment ready

With our specially-designed containers equipped with hangers, we offer a safe and convenient solution to transport your delicate garments.

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CONTAINER grade selection

Select the container grade that fits your cargo's unique requirements.

BOOST - Expand your business

Explore our unique solutions for improving your company’s potential, visibility and performance.


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SHIPFIN trade finance

Trade financing solutions that are specially designed to help you grow your import or export business.

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NETWORKING intermediation services

The only solution in the market to help you expand your business by connecting you to your next business opportunity.


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TRAXENS smart container

Complete end-to-end visibility of your container's journey with near real-time data and notification about the movement and condition of your cargo, enhancing the operational excellence of your supply chain.


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BILL OF LADING paperless

Transfer your BILL OF LADING paperless to the next party in just one click! It is faster, more efficient, and bears the same legal value as a traditional B/L.


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Logistics Services

Through our logistics partner, we offer first-rate services covering freight management and contract logistics, providing solutions designed for seamless operations and customised to your shipping needs.

APL-exclusive Value Added Services

Explore other innovative solutions that add value to your supply chain and reduce inventory costs.

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Eagle Guaranteed Suite

A complete suite of premium services on the Trans-Pacific to help expedite your time-sensitive shipment, all year round.

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Eagle Stow

Ensure that your time sensitive shipments get the superior support they deserve to get them moving when and where they need to be.

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A range of smart reefer solutions that ensure the freshness and value of your perishables are protected all the way.

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APL dray off service

Avoid hefty costs for the storage of your equipment at the rail ramp container yard.