From 1 October 2020, APL, a long-time service partner for the U.S. government, will leverage its experience in providing U.S. flag services and fully specialize in this key segment, transporting U.S. government and U.S. military cargo.

Our mother brand, CMA CGM, will be the carrier for all commercial cargo on the Asia-North America, Asia-Red Sea, Asia-Indian Subcontinent, Asia-Middle East and Latin America trades.

As the global commercial carrier of the Group, CMA CGM brings you more than an expanded coverage under a single brand.

Asia-North America

Asia North America From now till 1 October, APL will continue to provide selected services to existing APL customers.

Latin America

Latin America Our expertise in container shipping is extended to the Latin American market, providing connections between Asia and the U.S. with Latin America at competitive transit times.

Asia-Middle East and Asia-Red Sea

Asia-Middle East & Red Sea Our services in the Asia-Middle East and Asia-Red Sea markets provide a wide coverage with some of the industry’s best transit times.

Asia-Indian Subcontinent

Asia-Indian Subcontinent Offering extensive coverage from across Far East to Karachi, India West Coast and India East Coast, customers can be assured of competitive transit times.