Our Vessels

APL operates a modern fleet of technologically advanced and environmentally-friendly vessels that ensure our shipping operations stay safe, secure, efficient and green all year-round.

Notwithstanding that our vessels are built to be efficient and safe by design, APL continually makes significant enhancements of our vessels’ technological capabilities that improve the fleet’s operational and fuel efficiencies. These measures include bow modification and propeller retrofits that reduce vessels’ resistance through water and thus, enable a reduction of vessels’ fuel consumption.

The latest navigation assistance tools and technologies are also used to track and analyse wide-ranging nautical, meteorological and geographic information from ashore in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Based on live analytics of the vessels’ operating speeds, ocean currents, weather forecasts and high traffic areas, a team of onshore experts are empowered to optimise vessel routes, speeds and fuel consumption, while ensuring the safety of our crews and vessels.

Complementing the effort, APL has installed route optimisation systems onboard our vessel fleet. These systems take into account the hydrodynamic properties of the vessel, loading parameters and weather forecasts to map out the safest and most fuel-efficient voyage. This allows ship officers to continuously update the vessel’s course and make real-time navigation decisions during the vessel’s passage.

Details on our fleet can be found here.